Watch how an old truck turns into a castle from the fairytales

For many people, furnishing a small home can be a real challenge. However, there are others who see in this an opportunity to manifest their creativity – such as the couple in the video, who have turned an old truck into an impressive castle.

Watch how an old truck turns into a castle from the fairytales

Jola and Justin are two young parents who had a dream. With a sustained effort, this dream has been fulfilled, and now they can enjoy their much-desired home. We are not talking here of a luxury home, but of a unique construction planned in the slightest detail that provides them the desired freedom. The couple managed to turn a rusty truck into a superb residence that seems to belong to the world of fairy tales.

When she saw the sketches made by her husband, Jola knew on the spot that this is where she would like to spend the rest of her life. Working side by side, they managed to give the old truck the desired look. With its towers, large windows, a spacious interior and a beautiful terrace, this home on wheels provides all the comfort they need.

At the beginning we are presented the compacted form of the house, ready to be moved, but then, after several parts are extended, the truck turns into the quaint castle the couple adores so much. The natural materials they used in the interior design give a note of elegance and authenticity to the whole place.

The mobile home they have created it represents an oasis of relaxation for this family.

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