How to wash curtains made from tulle or other light materials

Sometimes new, snow white, airy and light curtains don’t look the same anymore after the first wash. They might turn yellow or greyish and start looking old and worn. If you wash curtains with your usual detergent, you will be very disappointed.

There is, however, an effective solution to avoid delicate materials turn yellow after washing. The following will help you to keep your curtains in a flawless condition.

How to wash tulle curtains

To keep the material fresh-looking and snow white, first set the right water temperature. Soak the curtains in lukewarm water, at about 30 to 35 degrees. If the temperature of the water is higher, the fine structure of the material will be damaged and the curtains will turn yellow.

The next step is adding salt: half a kilogram of salt should be added to a large basin of water. Soak the curtains in lukewarm water.

How to wash curtains made from tulle or other light materials


Next, wash the tulle curtains with liquid detergent for synthetic material. Handle the curtains carefully; don’t wring them out, just allow the water to run down.

To maintain that glowing white color, add vinegar to cold water at a ratio of 1 tablespoon / liter. After rinsing, the material will look like new.

If you want snow white curtains, add a few drops of blue coloring to the cold water until it becomes light blue.

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