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She wanted her husband to have a makeover. The end result surpassed all expectations!

There are countless people who adopt a style that doesn’t match their personality at all. With the passing of time and aging, this aspect becomes even more obvious. At the urge of his wife, the man featured in the video agreed to attend the show moderated by Steve Harvey to undergo a radical change in his looks.

Janice has been trying for some time to change her husband’s nonconformist style. With long hair, a beard, and clothing too youthful for his age, Bob managed to attract a not exactly positive attention wherever he went. A single request from the wife was sufficient for the great change to take place.

Steve Harvey contacted a team of specialists, and after their united effort Bob made his appearance in the show. As he appeared on the scene, the change was so surprising that everyone became ecstatic and started applauding wildly. The beard had disappeared, the hair had been cut neatly, and the clothing became age-appropriate and elegant.

Janice could not withhold the tears at the sight of her husband. She wanted a change, but would have never have imagined that her husband could be so handsome even after he passed his first youth. Such moments show that a complete transformation of style can bring innumerable benefits, especially a considerable increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.