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Useful beauty tips for greasy hair

Your hair is greasy and you have no idea what to do about it? Here are some simple tips that may help you keep that freshly-washed look and feel.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Avoid hair conditioner
Conditioners tend to make hair heavier and greasier-looking. If you insist on using conditioner, you should use it only on the tip of your hair. Otherwise, a hair mask per week should be sufficient.

Fast solutions
Try to increase the time between washings; if you shampoo your hair too often, the scalp will only produce more grease. It is a good idea to use talcum or dry shampoo between washings.

Choose wisely!
It is worth experimenting with kinds of products that improve the looks and texture of your hair. Try to use as little amount of hair care products as possible, and choose cosmetics made of natural ingredients.

Rosemary is useful not only as a tea that curbs the production of excess sebum, but the infusion made of this herb also improves greasy hair when used as a rinse.

Similarly to rosemary, beer can make miracles because of the minerals and yeast found in it – it reduces greasiness and makes hair shiny. However, make sure to rinse it off thoroughly.

A nice hairdo
Greasy hair looks much thinner, so it is even more important to choose a nice hairdo that compliments the shape of your face and makes your hair look thicker.