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Use this trick to have warm feet in winter!

Cold always finds the way to your feet in one way or another. Colds, cystitis and kidney problems are just some of the many diseases that can attack your body if your feet are cold for a prolonged time.

Use this trick to have warm feet in winter!

If your work involves lots of activity outdoors or in an unheated building during the winter, or if you simply love to walk in the snow, keep reading to find out about the most effective trick for keeping your feet warm in winter! This simple trick will teach you how to keep your legs at an optimal temperature in winter.

All you have to do is to cut out an insole of your shoe size from the material used as sunshade for cars. This material will protect your feet from cold, and preserve your body heat that would escape through your footwear.

What you need

  • The insoles from your winter boots
  • A pair of scissors
  • A marker
  • A car shade


  • remove the insoles from your boots and place them on the car shade. Then draw around the insoles, and cut out the resulting two pieces of insulator material.
  • put the new insoles into your boots underneath the original ones.

Now you are fully equipped to face the cold without freezing your legs. Implement this trick and see how practical it is! I assure you will not be disappointed.