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Use plums to say goodbye to constipation

Constipation is a result of multiple factors. A diet low in fibers, dehydration and stress are just some of the factors that lead to the appearance of constipation. Plums can be an efficient solution, as they boost digestion.

Here are some other beneficial properties of plums!

1. They are rich in fiber

Plums contain a high amount of insoluble fibers, so they can prevent constipation. Consuming only five plums per day you may provide your body with the recommended daily fiber intake.

Plums also support the development of healthy bacteria in the intestines, and strengthen the fatty acid chain, which is the main factor in maintaining the health of the colon. Plums also help in maintaining muscle and liver health.

2. Plants contain laxative compounds

A compound in plums called dihydroxyphenylisatin is a natural laxative that stimulates the secretion of fluids and feces in the digestive system. Plums are rich in magnesium and they have a laxative effect.

3. Plums activate the digestive enzymes

Plums are an extraordinary source of vitamin A, potassium and other minerals that help activate digestive enzymes. Once activated, these enzymes help to quickly remove feces from the colon.

Use plums to say goodbye to constipation
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4. Sorbitol gets rid of constipation

Plums contain several sugars such as sucrose, fructose and sorbitol, which help to eliminate water or feces retention in the intestine. Sorbitol is a substitute for sugar and helps the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines.

In addition to drinking water with plums or plum juice added, here are some other ways to add plums to your daily diet:

  • You can prepare a mixture of plums, peanuts, nuts and other candied fruits for breakfast
  • Plums can be added to puddings
  • Mix them with milk for a delicious shake, or bake a plum cake.
  • Mix plums with rosemary for a delicious oriental dessert.
  • Add cinnamon, honey and coriander powder, and then add the plums. Mix it all with yoghurt.
  • Plum jam is great with pancakes.

To treat constipation, you should also eat raw plums for an instant effect!

Plums are healthy and tasty, and free your digestive tract from toxins.