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Tzatziki sauce: Greek yoghurt sauce with garlic and cucumber

If you’re looking for a creamy, refreshing, and flavorful sauce recipe, stop your search and make the famous tzatziki sauce recipe. Tzatziki is a Greek recipe based on yoghurt flavored with garlic and cucumber, perfect as a side dish or dip to a variety of dishes.

Greek tzatziki sauce recipe is quick to make, and you most probably have all the ingredients in your fridge and pantry. The sauce doesn’t need cooking and it is eaten cold.

Greek yoghurt, in combination with freshly crushed garlic and grated cucumbers, gives you the feeling of a Mediterranean breeze, and will instantly make you think of wonderful holidays in the Greek islands. Follow the full list of ingredients and step-by-step preparation below to enjoy the freshest sauce at one of your main meals of the day.


  • 500 g Greek yoghurt with more than 10% fat content
  • 1-2 cucumbers
  • 4-5 cloves garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 sprig of dill
  • 5-6 mint leaves, optional


Start by transferring the Greek yogurt in a thick sieve and leave it there to remove excess liquid. This will make the yoghurt creamier.

The second step is to peel the cucumbers and grate them on a large-holed grater. Put the grated cucumber in a sieve and sprinkle salt over it. Stir and leave in the sieve for a few minutes for the extra water content to drain off.

Tzatziki sauce: Greek yoghurt sauce with garlic and cucumber

Clean the garlic and grate or chop finely. Wash the greens, drain well and chop finely. When you have all the ingredients ready, you can start preparing the tzatziki sauce.

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Transfer the yoghurt into a large bowl and first add the grated cucumber, well squeezed of liquid. Then add the garlic and mix the ingredients together. Add a little of the olive oil as well as the lemon juice while stirring. Season to taste with salt and pepper and finally add the chopped greens.

Adding mint is optional, the classic tzatziki sauce recipe doesn’t call for it, but most chefs opt to add it for extra flavor and freshness.

Dishes to match tzatziki sauce with

You can serve delicious Greek yoghurt sauce with garlic and cucumber alongside any kind of steak. Grilled steak in particular is a great match for the sauce. Grilled fish also goes well with Greek tzatziki sauce, as do meat or vegetable meatballs. Burgers and croquettes are delicious served with the sauce.

Tzatziki sauce tastes best after resting for 15-20 minutes in the fridge, as refrigerating allows the flavors of the ingredients to release and blend together.