Two dancers step on the stage and interpret a sensual choreography rarely to be seen

Music and dance are universal languages, and those who love them will go through strong emotions. In the video, the true story of a dance lover is transposed into an incredible show by two dancers in an original and expressive choreography.

Through the language of dance, Dimitri and Maria tell the story of Alexander Bogdanov, a young man who had a passion for dance from his childhood. Unfortunately as a result of a car accident he lost his eyesight. Because he wished to continue dancing, his guardian angel stayed beside him and lit up the darkness for him.

The two dancers manage to transpose the passionate interaction into their dance and create a moving dramatic story. The expressive power and harmony of the dancers expose the essence of the very special relationship between Alexander and his angel. At a point Dimitri collapses on the ground and Maria, his partner, helps him up and encourages him to keep walking on with confidence.

Such a life story is lived with the whole heart and the dance tells everything about it.

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