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The tricks that will make everyone look good in photos

It doesn’t matter if you’re not photogenic

Everybody wishes to look great on photos, but the result is not always as flattering as one would like. However, there are several bulletproof tricks that are applied even by red carper stars. And you may bet that they themselves had to practice these poses for a long time to always look their very best.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Susanne Nilsson/Flickr.com

If a head-to-toe photo is taken of you, turn your side to the camera, and put your hand on your hip. This way, you will look slim. If your leg is showing, lift it slightly. Do the same of you are sitting – if your weight is held by your feet, your thighs won’t flatten.

An old trick that is always effective: whether you are posing full front or sideways, push your chin slightly forward. This way, no double chin will show, and your neck will look thinner. Taylor Swift demonstrates a good example of this trick.

If you would like to produce a natural smile, press your tongue against the inside of your teeth. This way, your smile won’t be too wide. Also, instead of thinking cheese, think of something funny – this way your smile won’t be unnatural. Lucy Hale’s smile is perfect.

If you would like to avoid having red eyes in your photos, don’t look straight into the camera, but slightly to the right, just like Olivia Wilde.

A white or other light colored background lights up the face; if you can, have your photos taken in front of a light colored background. Jessica Alba’s face is glowing in front of the white background.

If possible, avoid completely facing the camera. Instead, turn your face slightly sideways or tilt your head to allow the contours of your face coming into evidence, just like in Lizzie Kaplan’s photo.