A few tricks for the most flavorful pasta ever

A pasta dish is one of the favourite meals in many families. Andrew Carmellini, a skilled chef teaches us some secrets about how to prepare a delicious pasta sauce recipe.


There are some less known culinary secrets that give a special flavor to various dishes. After watching the video, you will find it much easier to impress your friends with a special dinner.

If until now you simply poured the sauce over the pasta, now it’s time for you to try a much better strategy: as soon as the pasta is cooked, transfer it directly into the pot of sauce already placed on the stove, without rinsing it in cold water first.

In this way, the pasta will absorb much more flavor, and it will taste unusually delicious. If necessary, you can also add a little water in which you boiled the pasta. After you cook the pasta mixed with sauce for a few minutes, add a cube of butter, a little olive oil and some grated cheese.

If you also want to add fresh herbs to give even more color and flavor to your dish, chop them and mix them in just before serving. Serve the pasta with some more grated cheese on the side and enjoy!

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