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Treat yourself with bacon – unexpected healing powers of pork fat

When medical research has proved the unhealthy nature of new food products meant to replace traditional fats, specialists have turned their attention to bacon, a kind of food without artificial preservatives and coloring agents. And they have received an answer to the question why our ancestors were healthier and stronger. It turned out that bacon actually strengthens the immune system due to its content of arachidonic acid, which lowers cholesterol, improves the protective mechanisms of the body, and it is necessary or the production of chemical compounds that are responsible for immune responses and anti-inflammatory reactions.


Small quantities of fat are necessary for the optimal functioning of the heart and the blood vessels; also, fat regulates the muscle contractions of the internal organs including those of the cardiac muscles, and they support vascular tone as well.

Smokers also benefits from eating a little bacon due to its selenium content. This trace element strengthens the immune system and prevents oxidization – this way the effects of smoking are somewhat reduced.

Pork fat is used on a large scale in folk medicine from times unknown. Here are some recipes of the old:

  • A remedy against articular pain. Before going to bed, thoroughly rub aching joints with melted pork fat or a piece of ground old bacon, to which a tablespoon of honey is added. Place a piece of cellophane onto the joint and wrap it into a wool scarf. Keep the bandage on overnight.
  • Mobility problems after trauma. Rub the affected area with 100 g of pork fat mixed with a tablespoon of salt, and use a cellophane-wool bandage over it.
  • Mastitis. Place a thin slice of old bacon onto the inflamed area. Cover it with a piece of tin foil fastened with band-aids.
  • Eczema. Melt some unsalted bacon and cool it down to 35 degrees Celsius. Mix 2 tablespoons of fat with two raw egg whites, 100 grams of solanum fruit paste and 3 tablespoon of celandine juice. Allow the mixture to sit for three days, and then spread it over the affected areas twice a day.
  • Toothaches. Place a small slice of unsalted bacon onto the aching tooth, between the gums and the facial skin, and allow it to act for 15-20 minutes. The pain will gradually subside.
  • Bone spurs. Prepare an ointment from 100 g of unsalted bacon chopped into small pieces, a raw egg and 100 ml of concentrated vinegar. Keep the mixture in a dark place until the bacon dissolves completely, and mix it periodically. When the ointment is ready to be used, first soak the affected area in hot water. Then, dip a cotton ball into the mixture and place it onto the spur, keeping it on overnight. In the morning, wash your foot in warm water. Apply this treatment for 5-7 days at a time.