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He trained his dogs to do something unbelievable! Watch what happens when he takes them out for a walk

Augusto Deoliveira or “the head of the pack” as he is called, demonstrates how easy it is to lead his dogs without a leash. And, to be more convincing, he does this on the busy streets of Boston. The video is an undeniable proof of the special relationship Augusto has with his dogs.


Augusto grew up surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil, and learned at an early age to communicate with dogs. Today he lives, breathes the same air, and even sleeps with his dogs.

“My dogs acknowledge me as a member of their pack. I spend a lot of time with them, take them out for walks, train them, and do many things with them. I start to walk with dogs on a leash, to give them time to get used to stay with me before I turn them loose.”

The owner of the building where Augusto lives with his friends is amazed by what he sees every day. “I think Augusto has a special grace and dogs react in an amazing way to him when they meet.” He removes their leashes and keeps them under control in an environment where many things could distract them.

After many hours of training, Augusto managed to train the six German shepherds to remain very calm when they walk with him on the streets; he has total control over them.

“I love to spend my time with my dogs. I feel that I can do so many things with them, and I could never get bored of them”, he says.