A train station in Japan stays open for the sake of a single passenger

A rather incredible but true fact: in Japan, a train station is kept open for a single passenger. Four years in a row, this passenger has been waiting at the station of Kami-Shirataki, a village situated on the northern island of Hokkaido.  

A train station in Japan stays open for the sake of a single passenger

The Japanese Railway Company brought the decision to keep the station open three years ago. At that point, the number of passengers at the station has dropped significantly because the village is isolated and there are no railway transport services to it either. 

The Japanese Railway Company was preparing to close the station for good when they noticed that it was used by a student every day. Therefore, the company has decided to keep the station open until the student graduates from high school. What’s more, they even adjusted the schedule of the train to suit the girl’s. The student, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, is going to graduate in March, at which point the station will be closed. 

All due respect to the Japanese government for keeping education top priority! By this gesture, the government showed that every citizen matters and they take care that not a single child is left behind. 

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