Touching: the dachshund doesn’t leave the side of the paralyzed cat

A wonderful friendship between a dog and a cat


Last October, the team members of an animal shelter in Florida found a dachshund and a cat with paralyzed limbs at the end of someone’s driveway. Nobody knows how they got there, but they obviously belonged together as the dog tried to vehemently protect the cat.

The team took the duo in their care, and they named them Ruth and Idgie – the names were inspired by the two characters of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. Idgie, the dog, never leaves the side of her friend; even if she receives a new toy, she shows it to Ruth first.

“We have seen bonds between animals; I don’t think we have ever seen anything quite like this”, says Jacqueline Borum, one of the caretakers.

They tried to help the cat in many ways, but to no avail: her limbs stayed paralyzed. The doctors are not able to tell what her life expectancy is, but one thing is sure: as long as she lives, Idgie will be with her.

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