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Top 5 unusual BEAUTY solutions

You have a lot of substances in your home which you can use in skin and hair treatment. Below, you can read about several uses of simple and useful everyday solutions.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Lemon = nail strengthener

Nails are damaged by beauty products. To restore them, you can use lemon: cut one in half, press your nails into the flesh of it, and keep them in there for 10 minutes. Your nails will become healthier and stronger.

Apple cider vinegar and cold water = a solution for shiny hair

Wash your hair with vinegar once a month, and then rinse it with cold water. Impurities will be eliminated and your hair will become really shiny.

Hair conditioner = shaving foam

If you need to remove body hair fast and razors are the only available tool, you can use hair conditioner instead of shaving foam.

Cold water = nail polish drier

After you have applied nail polish, soak your nails in ice cold water. The nail polish will dry fast, and it will become smooth and shiny.

Coffee and hair conditioner = Brown hair color enhancer

If you prefer to avoid using artificial hair dyes on your hair, here’s a natural solution to make brown hair shinier and darker in color: mix a tablespoon of coffee with a tablespoon of shampoo or conditioner and apply it on your hair. Keep it on for 5 minutes for a shiny and wonderful smelling hair.