TomTato – Tomatoes and Potatoes On The Same Plant

A company called Thompson and Morgan started to sell online a hybrid plant that produces both tomatoes and potatoes. The company founded in 1855 is the biggest company in Great Britain specialized in growing ornamental and produce-type seeds and germs.


The TomTato plant is not a result of genetic manipulation. The hybridization of tomatoes and potatoes is possible because the tomato plant is a member of the potato family; therefore, the British company had a rather easy job producing the new plant. Still, it took several years for the hybridization to be successful.

The process consists of the following: the tomato and potato plants are grown separately for a few weeks. Then, cuts are made on the stalks of the plants; the thickness of each two stalks intended to grow together has to be the same. The two stalks start merging into a single one, and the TomTato begins to grow. The resulting plant is sold for £14.99 on the Internet.





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