How to tie your shoelaces in only two seconds

Among the first things you learned as a child was tying your shoelaces. How many times were you embarrassed when you tried without success to tie your shoelaces into equal-sized bows on both sides? Now this video will teach you the perfect solution!


Many of us have learned to tie our shoelaces in the “grandmother” way, but apparently this is not the most efficient method. If we had known in our childhood how simple the process shown in movie is we surely would have spared ourselves many headaches.

After doing a usual knot, grab both ends of the shoelace with your pinkies from underneath. Turn your thumbs and forefingers to make two loops, on the left and on the right. All that remains is to hold these loops and pull them through one another to achieve the desired result. And all this can be done in less than two seconds.

Often, the easiest solution is at close hand everyone, requiring only a simple method and a little skill. You will be surprised how quickly you will learn to tie your shoelaces in this way. Good luck!

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