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Three unique and creative ideas for reusing old T-shirts

It is inevitable in the life of every piece of clothing to eventually become old, worn and, in most cases, thrown out. This is a pity, as there are countless possibilities for reinventing them and giving them a new utility.

Three unique and creative ideas for reusing old T-shirts
Photo: HackingLife/YouTube

The video presents three ingenious ideas for transforming a T-shirt into something new and useful. All you need is a pair of scissors, and you don’t even need to sew the pieces together.

1. You can make a pillowcase from an old T-shirt. First cut it into two equal sized squares, and cut the squares into even-sized strips. Place the pillow between the two squares and tie each strip on the top square with a strip from the piece underneath. You will be impressed by the result.

2. Cut off the bottom edges, the neck and the sleeves of a T-shirt and turn it inside out to start making an irresistible shopping bag. The strip you have cut off from the bottom will be perfect for tying the bag so that whatever you place in it will stay there. At the end, turn the bag inside out to hide the knot.

3. Who wouldn’t want a braided bracelet in lively colors? Again, this accessory can be created from strips that you cut out from an old T-shirt. Take three strips and braid them, and then fasten the two ends and finish by wrapping the part where the two eggs are joined in another strip – see the video for details.

For sure there are other ideas that we can use, and which are unique and useful at the same time.