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Three men present a revolutionary product, very useful in case of natural disasters

Richard Ambrose and Johnny Phillips can quickly and easily construct a concrete tent with the aid of a webbed material which, when coming into contact with water, becomes the most durable retreat. In its original form, the material is very flexible, may take up any shape, and can successfully resist floods and fires. In just 24 hours, two people can erect a temporary, but very resistant dwelling of about 25 square meters.


The “Concrete net” is a fabric impregnated with particles of concrete, which harden on contact with water, thus transforming the contraption into a hard structure. The material used for the exterior is the same that is used for tents; the interior material is waterproof, sterile and insulated. Between the two layers there is a vacuum chamber which is filled with air when the tent is ready to be picked up.

This revolutionary material can contribute to the construction of sterile hospitals or apartments as well, besides tents in case of natural disasters.

A lot of people from different parts of the world have lost their homes and, what is worse, they were left without water, medicine and food. These concrete tents can be a perfect temporary solution so people have a shelter instead of forced to stay in the open for days or weeks.