Three gymnasts begin their exercise on the ground… But in a few moments? Look at that girl on the right!

Acrobatic gymnastics performances are always appreciated at their true value, and they no doubt delight the spectators. The acrobatic and artistic elements that are part of this choreography make the teamwork very remarkable.


Watching these gymnasts of the Poland team, we witness their undeniable talent proven by the complex routine which they presented in Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships held in 2014 in Levallois, France.

Karolina Nowak, Marta Srutwa and Agnieszka Rawinis have combined elements of gymnastics and aerobics gracefully and in perfect harmony. The pyramids prove the gymnasts’ strength and skills which make them so brilliant on the gym floor. The trio communicates by mere glances, and their artistic performance is exceptional.

The music emphasizes the elements of the routine executed with great precision, and the gymnasts’ colorful costumes give a touch of elegance and sophistication to their performance. No wonder that the Polish team qualified with a very good score in the final championship.

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