Do thoughts and emotions really influence reality around us? Here is the scientific proof

In the 70s Doctor Kira Asipova performed some laboratory studies on the interdependence of leptons (particles that interact with all the fundamental forces except for the strong nuclear force).

It is well-known that the theory of magnetic fields admits the existence of a gas that fills the space and penetrates into every body. This gas is made up from very light particles with a much lower mass than that of electrons. This is what explains phenomena such as telepathy. Around the body, the gas forms a membrane made up from several layers also called the aura.

In a series of experiments performed in 1975 Dr. Asipova obtained her first success, as she managed to photograph thoughts on a special film. The processing of the images was performed at the Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna. However, scientists received the original photos of thoughts only in April 1988.

These photos have been taken at the thoracic vertebrae in the chest. In the images, thoughts look like arrows or birds, and sometimes even their wings become visible. Other photos show particles that look like vortices.

It may be noticed that during the thinking process the moving of the thoughts resembles sparks flying in space. Sometimes the energy of the thoughts was so strong that they broke the film. In other words, when we understand clearly our purposes and we manage our thoughts well, these thoughts take the shape of arrows or birds.

However, when one starts having doubts and they’re not sure what action they should take, the thoughts look like a cloud without a clear form, and they are stagnant. In this case materializing of thoughts is slow or doesn’t even happen.

Nowadays it is not a secret anymore that illnesses may be treated with thought energy. During her twenty-year practice, Dr. Asipova worked a lot with patients who had suffered radiation, healing body organs affected by radiation by the power of her thoughts.

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