This video will change the way you feel about your safety forever!

Safety comes first, and this video is meant to ensure you learn some useful tips, so you can stay safe in case you are in danger of being assaulted. Most times, assaults happen when an intended victim gets in or out of a car or leaves a building.

This video will change the way you feel about your safety forever!

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To avoid an attack before getting into your car, look around before you leave a building to check if there is someone suspicious around. If you start walking to your car and somebody keeps looking at you intently, start running as fast as you can, get into your car quickly and lock the doors immediately.

A second tip is to never show fear, and make sure that you control your body language. Always walk fast and with determination, keep your head up and look steadily at people who follow you with their eyes. Always keep your keys at hand just before leaving a building.

Last but not least, always keep your more skillful hand (the one you write with) free, so that in case of conflict you can react and defend yourself more easily.

Remember these steps and pass them on to your friends, so they can better care for their safety, too!

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