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This little girl needs a breathing device, and she has a very special babysitter

Alida Knobloch is a sweet and playful girl with serene blue eyes. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a severe disease at a very young age, and she needs a constant supply of oxygen as well as close supervision. Besides her parents, Alida has a reliable friend who accompanies her everywhere.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

Unfortunately there are many cases where children are diagnosed with illnesses that require sophisticated medical treatments and devices for them to survive. Alida suffers from pulmonary neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia, a rare disease that she couldn’t live with if she wasn’t permanently connected to a special device that provides the necessary oxygen.

Wherever she goes, she needs to wear the device as close to her as possible, and her parents are happy that they can see her playing, running around the house or enjoying herself with a toy. But in order for her to be able to go outdoors and play or run like any child, she needs a reliable aid. Here comes in Mr. Gibss, a “babysitter” committed to helping Alida when she’s out for a walk in the park.

The dog wears a special harness containing the vital oxygen tubes Alida needs. The girl and the dog have a very special relationship, and thanks to this relationship Alida can fully enjoy her childhood. Swinging or sliding alongside Mr. Gibss, she can be happy and safe all the time. Definitely, Mr. Gibss is a reliable friend!