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This is why you should not water your plants with cold water in the autumn garden

We’re already into a dry autumn season and most gardeners keep watering their garden flowers. However, incorrect watering in the autumn can have serious consequences.

In this context, we would like to draw gardeners’ attention to the reasons why cold water should not be used to water plants in the autumn garden.

Autumn is a key season for gardening enthusiasts

It’s the time of year when gardeners prepare their flowers and seedlings for the winter, so that they can continue to produce spectacular crops for the coming year.

As you know, this is a time when temperatures begin to drop, days become shorter and the needs of plants change. So we need to adjust our gardening and watering practices, especially by avoiding common mistakes.

Autumn brings significant changes in the environmental conditions in which our plants grow. Temperatures drop, relative humidity changes and the number of hours of sunshine gradually decreases.

All these changes in turn affect the water needs of plants. So we need to keep a close eye on our plants, especially as we may still have warm and sunny days, even if the nights are generally cooler.

As a result, the soil stays moist for longer than in summer. It is therefore essential to adjust the frequency and quantity of watering, i.e. always check the moisture content of the soil by sticking your finger a few centimeters deep into the soil.

If the soil is dry at this depth, it is time to water. This method avoids both over- and under-watering.

Experts also warn against watering plants in the autumn garden with cold water.

This is a common mistake with disastrous consequences, according to experts, who also stress that you should never water your garden with fresh water.

If plants are watered with cold water, especially in the early morning or evening when temperatures are lower, the cold water can shock the roots of the plants. The reaction of the roots to this can result in a temporary shutdown of water and nutrient uptake, which can affect plant growth and health.

In addition, cold water can cool the soil, which is also undesirable in autumn when plants need to retain the warmth of the soil for their roots.

Cooler soil can slow plant growth and make plants more susceptible to diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to water plants with room temperature or slightly warm water in autumn.