This is what tomatoes do to the body

Tomatoes are the tastiest and healthiest summer vegetable. If you can, always buy home-grown garden tomatoes directly from the producer. You will taste the difference straight away, as garden tomatoes are much more delicious than commercially grown ones, not to mention that their nutritional content is much higher.

This is what tomatoes do to the body

According to a study, tomatoes, like aspirin, reduce the chance of developing blood clots and heart disease. It is especially recommended for people with high blood pressure to consume a lot of tomatoes.

Because of their high carotid and flavonoid content, tomatoes protect the health of the blood and provide protection from extra fluoride contained in drinking water.

Tomatoes contain large amounts of beta-carotene and lycopene, both of which have a strong cell protection effect.

Tomatoes protect against the development of cancerous diseases, especially of breast, prostate and testicular cancer.

This is what tomatoes do to the body

Research has shown that tomatoes help restore the biochemical balance in diabetic patients.

In addition, lycopene also has anti-aging effect skin and stimulates the production of amino acids called carnitine, which increase fat burning by 30 percent.

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