This is what happens to a child when he or she is shouted at regularly

According to reputable psychologists, the psychological state of the children can be greatly harmed if their parents yell at them often and punish them verbally. This behavior, among other things, hampers the self-esteem and self-confidence of children.

According to a recent study published in a US journal, children who often hear their parents quarrel and who are often shouted at, are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, stressful behavior and related behavioral problems.

The following are the four most common developmental disorders that affect children if their parents shout at them often.

1. Low confidence

If the child is punished with loud put-downs, his or her self-confidence can be hurt. The child believes that he or she is worthless and starts to tremble and lose calm even when hearing a loud voice.

2. The results of punishment by yelling last for a short time

It is not useful at all to apply this method because the behavior of a child will not change in the long run, and self-esteem will be impaired.

3. Yelling prevents understanding

The child who is often shouted at struggles to understand problems. Discussing issues and mistakes calmly is beneficial for the child.

4. A bad example for the child

Children of shouting parents will become shouting adults, simply because they regard this as a norm. This results in entire generations of a family to suffer from poor confidence and problem solving skills.

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