This is how bath time ends every night in this family

Loving relationships between children and the family pet don’t cease to surprise us pleasantly, and often even amuse us. In this movie, the baby has a moment of fun offered by the cat, just after being bathed by his parents.

This is how bath time ends every night in this family

Photo: Capture YouTube

This adorable baby feels great in his daddy’s arms, especially as the family cat licks his feet, making him laugh. He chuckles as the cat seems to say “yeah, I like your toes very much… they are so sweet and fragrant!”

The mother is the one who recorded this invaluable moment and no doubt that her cat’s behavior and the happiness of the baby give her the best reasons to smile.

Babies are always lovely, and their happy and carefree faces give us priceless moments of joy. This baby enjoys the gentleness of the cat exceedingly, and considers him an ideal playmate. When he will be able to move around alone, the two will play together for a long time from now.

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