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This father lied to his daughter every day. It will break your heart to find out why

Nothing is more valuable than raising your children with love and providing them with the safety and comfort they need, so they learn that they can rely on their parents in any situation.


“My dad’s story” is an essay narrated by the little girl featured in the video, and her story is accompanied by touching images. The girl describes her father in superlative terms in all respects.

His father is the sweetest dad in the world, the most handsome, the smartest, the best – in short, he is her superhero. There is a turning point, however, in the narration, when the enthusiastic description gives way to the presentation of the sad reality. The father lies that he has a job and enough money to afford a decent living; he lies that he is not tired, even though he works hard all day; he lies that he is not hungry so his daughter can have enough nourishment; he lies that he is happy so he can ensure that his daughter’s life is happy and secure.

In the moment when a child understands the sacrifice of his or her parents, love and harmony become dominant in a family. Children are the joy of their parents and they always have to be supported and encouraged with lots of love so they have the opportunity to learn about love.