This family sings the song Les Misérables so well at karaoke that even Broadway would be proud of them

For any family, a karaoke session can be an extraordinary way of relaxation and entertainment. For the members of the LeBaron family, this is already a tradition practiced every Saturday night.

A video made and posted by the LeBaron family, in which they interpret a song from the classic Les Miserables, soon became viral. The whole family seems to be blessed with an exceptional talent and the five children and their partners, together with their mother and father, Dennis and Gerald LeBaron, decided to join their voices to create something.

First Dennis LeBaron wanted to immortalize this moment only for the family, and nobody expected the resounding success after the video was made public. All those who watched this interpretation have been awed by the wonderful voices of these beautiful people, and especially by the way they harmonize with each other.

Dennis LeBaron confessed to a news site that their musical history began when she and Gerald had only two children. Then, as the family grew, their singing team developed at the same pace. The family was not spared of tragedies, but music always kept them together and helped them surpass difficult moments.

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