Things you shouldn’t keep under your bed, according to Feng Shui rules

Feng Shui is based on the principles of energy movement and the idea that every object in the house has its own vibration, and it influences the vibration of your life.

There are countless rules that you can apply at home and that can bring you well-being from the moment you apply them.

What we recommend today is to get rid of certain objects that you might keep under your bed as soon as possible.

Considering that you spend about a third of your life in bed, from the point of view of the energies, everything you throw under it can interfere with your sleep.

If you want to clean your house of negative energies, you should take a look under the bed: maybe you have some objects there that you have forgotten about and that are curbing your energy.

Here’s a list of the objects that have a negative vibration:

1. Objects that recall unpleasant memories. The energy of those objects is purely negative, and this energy will infiltrate rapidly into your life.

2. Gifts from a former partner: the past must remain in the past. So, if you have broken up with that person, you don’t need his gifts either.

3. Old clothes: do you still think you would wear those clothes? If you haven’t it in the last few years, you won’t anymore, so get rid of them today!

4. Dead plants: their vibration has disappeared, so you don’t need the energy of a dead plant right under your bed.

5. Broken objects: the fact that those objects are broken and can no longer be used will attract negative energy in your life.

In conclusion, get rid of any old objects that you don’t use anyway to clean your aura and energy!

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