Things you didn’t know about your cactus – learn more and get tips for their care

There exist more than 2000 cactus varieties. You can get them in countless shapes and forms, and each of these has its own special beauty. Although cactuses are primarily thought of as plants with spines, it is interesting that not all of them have spines.

It is customary to say that anyone who has no understanding of plants can even destroy a cactus. Though it is a relatively undemanding plant, not even a cactus can survive in all circumstances.

They are not indestructible

If you have ever killed a cactus, don’t worry – you are not alone. Overwatering is the main culprit, but the use of badly draining soil or an inadequate nutrient solution may also easily lead to the death of a cactus. They need very well-draining soil, so use soil specifically mixed for cactuses.

You can help them to bloom

This is by no means an easy task. If your cactus looks the same year and doesn’t show any signs of growth, it will probably not bring flowers either. What you can do in this situation is to maintain the plant’s natural growth cycle. A cactus undergoes a resting period in the winter and wakes up in the spring. For the winter, store them in a dry, cool place, but make sure they can get some light; don’t water them at all at this time. In the spring, however, bathe them in as much sunlight as possible and start watering them again.

They can live up to 100 years

It’s good to know that under proper circumstances your cactus can live up to 100 years. With older plants, the only problem is that they are less impressive because cracks and scratches that they have suffered over the years remain visible.

Transplant them

Most people are afraid of transplanting, as it can harm plants. However, cactuses can easily overcome the shock of transplanting. If you find that your plant is not too healthy, move into in a large pot and replace the soil so it can get more nutrients.

Pay attention to them

If you are following the development of a cactus, you will also know what it needs at any time. If you find that the leaves are too long, the plant shows that it needs more sunlight. Softened leaves alert you that you have overwatered the plant. In this case you need to change and dry the soil. If this doesn’t lead to results, it may mean that fungi started growing on the roots.

How to deal with fungi

If you notice fungi on your cactus, you can use a store-bought formula to destroy these, but you can make an effective solution yourself. Make a total of 1 tablespoon mixture of vinegar, dish detergent and water, and sprinkle it from a sprayer bottle onto the cactus. You can use this mixture for prevention too.

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