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These zodiac signs will start a new life in 2020!

For four zodiac signs, the year 2020 will bring an incredible transformation. They will encounter lots of surprises and positive challenges that will charge them physically and mentally, and they might be able to fulfill even their greatest dreams.

These zodiac signs will start a new life in 2020!

These four zodiac signs can finally say goodbye to their frustrations and self-pity, and will gain much more confidence, both in themselves and in life.


Lately, you have fallen victim to everyday problems and have forgotten what you truly want from life. For years, you have longed to be able to truly express your feelings and to reciprocate what you have received from others.

In the year 2020, you will have the opportunity for emotional liberation. You will amaze those who have started to think that you live without a vision and have no idea what you want to do with your life.


“All is fair in love and war” – this will be your motto in 2020 if you want to clarify some situations that you have previously perceived as a puzzle. If you are wasting time and energy on a difficult relationship, you will surely end it now, without worrying about the possible consequences.

If you are in a loving relationship, the cozy, relaxed connection will become even more enjoyable in 2020. You decide to return to one of your childhood dreams, and as a result you may expect a change in your career.

These zodiac signs will start a new life in 2020!


By 2020, Jupiter will be the supporting and governing planet for Sagittarius. You will find that you have much more friends than you imagined. You can achieve amazing results through teamwork and help from your friends and relatives.

A Sagittarius can become an excellent problem solver, as they can easily see through any situation and find a solution quickly. Now you will be rewarded for your selfless help and sacrifice. You will be well-off financially, too; you may even expect a small pay raise.


2020 will bring an amazing change for Pisces. You will arrive at a crossroads where you will not see your future in bright colors at all. However, you will decide to give up your fears and start a new life, even if this means starting from scratch. A radical decision you make will bring a lot of suffering, but it is the only way to achieve a much-desired change. You will realize that you have nothing to lose, and you will live every moment as fully as if it were the last moment of your life.