These parents decided to surprise their children. How? Wait to see what’s inside the box!

Which parent does not reward children, especially when they are diligent and do their homework with perseverance? The protagonists of this video are an example of conscientious students who are more focused on solving homework than what’s going on around them.

Initially, the children don’t notice that their father left a cardboard box near their worktable. But when a small round head with black eyes and fluffy hair pokes out his head, the surprise is so great that the little girl starts crying.

The parents knew that the children desired to have a dog, so they decided to stage an unexpected surprise, and it seems that they have succeeded. The dog is so sweet and he watches the two children with so much gentleness that they immediately accepted them both as friends. Because his fur is peach colored, the children have named his Peaches.

Now the two siblings have an additional task, to make time for the little pet, and they will eat, walk in the park and play together. This will tie a lasting friendship between them based on respect, trust and loyalty.

Parents would make such gifts to teach children about responsibility, unconditional love, empathy and compassion. And judging by the reactions of children, it is clear that the couple will remember this gift for a long time to come.

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