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These boys know perfectly how to entertain the audience, but what makes them truly unique is their talent

Whoever thought that one can’t prepare a show of great value in one week has not yet seen these cheerful guys who, with their unusual talent, managed to win first place in a competition held at Lake Howell High School in Orlando, Florida.

The five young guys, passionate about the drums, gave an amazing performance, impressing everyone who was enjoying their show. Dressed in Scottish traditional costumes, Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias and Jordan proved to have a quite unusual sense of rhythm. Their mastery in handling the drumsticks, the infernal rhythm with which they are beating the drums and the ease with which they move on stage are all attributes that qualify these five young men as true artists.

Watching them carefully, we can see how well they understand each other by glances, and how funny they are, even though their performance requires hard work and many hours of rehearsal. It’s amazing how well they sync their movements, and how their magical hands bring those thrilling rhythms to life.

We can really appreciate the talent of these young people who know how to make this artistic moment a unique show that deserves to be seen by everybody. Congratulations!