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There Is Only One Way to Squeeze Toothpaste Out of This Tube

A familiar image: we go into the bathroom in the morning or evening to brush out teeth, and we notice that our spouse didn’t squeeze out toothpaste in the proper way – again!

If we happen to be grumpy, we may run out from the bathroom and start arguing about this annoying habit, and a lengthy fight will follow. Our spouse won’t understand what’s wrong with squeezing toothpaste in the way he/she likes?

Some Dankook University students offer a solution to put an end to this frequent family issue, and develop a device that will permit toothpaste to be squeezed out in only one way, to the last drop.

These young people invented a tube with a hole in the middle that is used like a dial. If we put our finger into this hole and spin the dial, the centrifugal force sends the toothpaste towards the lid. The only problem with the invention is that so far only the prototype is ready, so we can’t buy one anywhere. But, if it becomes available, it hopefully won’t only save relationships but children also can be convinced easier to brush their teeth.