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A therapy everybody should know about

Dr. Ann Wigmore, originally from Lithuania, has developed a therapy with the aid of which she successfully cured diseases such as tumours, asthma and illnesses of the digestive tract. The legacy of this incredibly humble and very knowledgeable scientist is the “living food” therapy.

A therapy everybody should know about
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Ann Wigmore believed that all the diseases in the body can be caused by only two factors: deficiencies or toxaemia. This means that our body becomes sick when the quantity or quality of nutrients is not sufficient, or when toxic substances have accumulated in the body. In her view, toxins originate from food that is not from natural sources or is processed, as well as from negative emotions. She also thought that the body shouldn’t be burdened with food which is difficult or impossible to digest, because such food can also cause the depositing of toxic substances.

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How did she heal?

Ann Wigmore cured her patients mostly with food therapy. She gave them organic vegetables and fruit uncooked and untreated with heat, so the valuable nutrients would be preserved. Besides organic vegetables and seeds the patients weren’t served meat or any other food of animal origin. This natural, enzyme and vitamin rich food cured even “hopeless” diseases many times. Dr. Ann Wigmore had huge success in tumor therapy and curing heart and circulatory diseases. Of course, she also recommended exercise, regular relaxation and mental care besides the diet.

“Living food” doesn’t include only raw fruit and vegetables, since many people are not able to digest such food at the beginning of the therapy. Living food is simply prepared in a way to be easy to digest for anybody, doesn’t burden the digestive system, and contains the highest amount of vitamins and enzymes possible. Living food contains green leaves, sprouts, seeds and dried fruits and dried vegetables as well. Ann Wigmore created three extremely efficient and healthy recipes, which, in her opinion, should be consumed by everybody with a preventative function, and should be mandatory during illnesses. In the following, we will present these recipes.

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Energy soup

Ann Wigmore’s energy soup is a blend which contains green leaves, sprouts, vegetables, Rejuvelac and algae. This soup is a complete food which includes all necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements. The living food diet developed by Ann Wigmore, also called Hippocrates diet, contains a lot of puréed vegetables, because in this form the food is digested more easily and nutrients are absorbed faster.

The basic recipe goes as follows:

  • 200 ml green wheat grass juice, either freshly squeezed or made from wheat grass powder
  • 1 cup sprouts of any kind such as mungo beans, radishes, Greek hay, red clover etc.
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 small apple or banana
  • 2 tablespoons algae, fresh or dry such as spirulina, chorella etc.
A therapy everybody should know about - Wheatgrass
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Wheat grass

A key element of the Hippocrates diet is wheat grass. Ann Wigmore realized that the juice of fresh wheat sprouts is full of vitamins and enzymes which the body can assimilate and use directly. It has an intestine cleansing effect, and it practically sweeps toxins out of the body. Freshly squeezed juice is the most recommended, but good quality and properly produced wheat grass powder is suitable for the above purposes as well.


Doctor Wigmore created the fermented drink called Rejuvelac, which is a living drink full of enzymes that cleans the intestines and the blood, and neutralize toxins.