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Therapeutic massage and the reflex zones

Massage is a very pleasant experience for most people. After a full body massage, the whole body feels like floating. You can reap the benefits of a massage if you learn how to do it yourself (or teach your partner to do it for you).

Source: m.yourmobile.me/bayreflexology
Source: m.yourmobile.me/bayreflexology

Reflexology massage is easy to learn, and it can have the same benefits as professional massage in relieving pain and stress. Reflexology helps to ameliorate various diseases, including chronic fatigue, headaches and even depression. Although traditional reflexology focuses on the feet, there are hundreds of points on the body that can benefit from some form of pressure. Traditional Chinese medicine sees the body as a network of energy channels called meridians which, if properly massaged, can stimulate healing and help relaxation.

Here are some tips to eliminate pain, reduce stress and improve mood with a few simple reflexology techniques.

For improving mood

Hormones secreted by the pituitary gland are directly associated with pain relief. One way of balancing the endocrine system is by pressing certain specific points on the hands and feet.

Focus your attention on the thumbs of your hands and / or feet; apply moderate pressure for 5-10 minutes and you will enjoy a pleasant feeling almost immediately.

Improving concentration

A poorly functioning thyroid affects the clarity of thought and concentration adversely. The reflex point connected to the thyroid gland is also situated at the thumbs of the hands and feet. Massaging these pressure points refreshes concentration, and it also regulates the heart rate and lowers cholesterol.

Eliminating stress and tension

It is well known that a massage is great to relax tense muscles all over the body; there are some simple techniques in reflexology that can have the same results. Nerves are linked through an entire system of interconnected pathways and can be accessed in the feet and hands.

Rotating the tips of the thumbs can relieve tension in the spine and, as a consequence, it relieves headaches and migraines.

Relieving colds and flu

Although it seems hard to believe, you can access your sinuses and throat through the soles of your feet. The pressure applied on the side of the thumb at the base of the foot stimulates blood circulation to the lungs and the throat. This helps to remove bacteria and infections. A foot massage is particularly effective for relieving stress on a daily basis. Feet contain reflex points whose massage increases the efficiency of detoxification processes in the kidney, liver, bladder and lungs.

Uric acid accumulated in the hands and feet can be removed quickly by the massage techniques mentioned above. Although some points may be more sensitive than others, you should not feel pain when you practice massage.