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The world’s biggest tractor

Agriculture is one of the leading industries in the world, therefore it is indispensable to have efficient tractors and combines available for farm work. Now we will present the world’s biggest tractor, a giant manufactured in the US.


The recorder tractor – the Big Bud

In 1977 the idea arose that a huge industrial machine should be built, which should be able to work giant fields on its own. In Montana, the team of Ron Carmon and the Northern Manufacturing Company started to design and execute the plans for the biggest tractor ever, and the result was christened Big Bud. The monumental contraption has an 8.2 meter long, 6 meter wide and 4.2 meter tall power station. Its wheels were specially designed for the mass of this this power station, being 2.5 meters in diameter. The engine used is a 760 horse power V16-os Detroit Diesel. When the 3785 liter fuel tank is full, the total mass of the tractor is over 42 tons; if the tires are filled with water for pulling the field working engines, and the weights are attached to the front, the total mass reaches 59 tons. It seems obvious that field work becomes a blast when this tractor is used.


The tractor was designed to be used exclusively in working fields larger than 10 thousand hectares. The tractor is able to plow about one hectare in one minute. First it was used in the fields of the Rossi brothers in California, and then it was taken to the Willowbrook farms. In both fields, it was used for deep plowing. On Willowbrook farms the tractor rested for a while, because it didn’t bring enough revenue at the time. In 1997 it was taken back to Montana to the Williams brothers. Here, it was refurbished and repainted, and it went back to work again.

However, before anyone would start dreaming about buying a Big Bud, it needs to be disclosed that only one prototype of this tractor was ever manufactured, and it is very likely that this will also remain the only one.