The way you haven’t yet seen a match catching fire

Usually it only takes a moment for matches to catch fire, and we usually don’t even pay attention to it. However the process is a very interesting one if watched in slow motion.


At 4,000 image frames per second, this video is one of the newest creations belonging to the very popular category of super slow motion films.  At a motion as slow as this, every tiny detail of a process is easily observed. To enhance visibility, a 2,000 W light bulb was directed towards the match.

The video was shared by the YouTube user Ultraslo. His channel is the fountain of all knowledge, as its owner can show new facets even of the most everyday feature.

As the match is gradually catching fire, the sight is similar to a scene in the movie Alien vs. Predator in which aliens are born, bubbles are released and a fluid is forming. But you sure haven’t seen anything quite like this sight!

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