The shoes of the future will need to be treated just like house plants

At the first sight they look as if soap suds had dried on our feet; in fact, these are supposed to be the ultramodern shoes of the future.


London designer Shamess Abutn dreamed up these shoes, and, if everything goes well, in four decades we will be able to wear these shoes made from synthetic biological material with a 3-D printer. The shoes react to every single step we take, thus responding to the wearer and to the road conditions at the same time.

Walking the streets in these shoes will resemble walking barefoot, as the shoes, unlike traditional footwear, are rather like a second layer of skin, causing a much more pleasant sensation – promises the designer. The synthetic material is not like a living organism in every way, but it possesses a certain degree of capacity for regeneration, and it reacts to the world outside. Therefore, these shoes will need extra care: their owners will need to soak them in a special liquid overnight. “It needs care similar to a house plant’, tells the designer.


Strange shoes, for sure, but we still hope they will be wide spread by 2050. We wonder what Marty McFly, the designer of another pair of futuristic shoes thinks of these ones.

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