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The secret healing powers of hair that nobody told you about

Would you have thought that your hair has healing powers? In fact, not only the hair on your head, but the hair on your entire body has healing powers, even the fine, thin hairs on the back of your hand.

When you are overtaken by a strong feeling, whether negative or positive, you will break out in goosebumps, or the hair stands up on your back as the saying goes.

There exists a perception that hair strands behave like antennae in the sense that they capture and collect forces from the Universe in order to strengthen the self-awareness and creativity of an individual.

Hair is in fact part of the nervous system, the extension of nerve endings, and its role is to provide information to the brain about the outside world by means of detection. Hair is able to balance the electromagnetic field around the body, by which it affects vitality, energy levels and intuition.

A few thousand years ago, cutting or removing hair was rare, since long hair symbolised power and wealth. In those days only slaves wore their hair short; new slaves were ordered to cut their hair, to show that they had been deprived from their power.

The biblical story of Samson is familiar to everyone – his story is an interesting example of the belief that when one cuts off his hair, he loses his strength and is overcome by a huge weakness.

Modern science has discovered that the protein component of hair called keratin contains crystalline molecules, which can be found in precious gemstones as well.

The secret healing powers of hair that nobody told you about
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Here’s a few pieces of advice on how to improve your body’s energy supply through your hair:

1. Use shampoos, lotions, natural hair care products and hair protection that make your hair brilliant and healthy. Hair coloring is not recommended because synthetic hair dye blocks the functioning of the receptors.

2. Don’t cut your hair ends, even though fashion demands it. To avoid split ends, consume a lot of vegetables, fruits and foods that are rich in healthy fats. This diet prevents the hair ends from drying out and split. An overnight coconut or almond oil hair mask is an excellent solution for healthy hair.

3. Don’t iron your hair, and don’t use a hair dryer unless absolutely necessary. If possible, dry your hair in the sun or in the wind, as during this time your hair will be provided with valuable vitamin D, and it will become even stronger and more beautiful.

4. Use shampoo sparingly; also, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. Hair produces a natural protective layer of oil, so you only should shampoo your hair when you feel that it’s becoming a bit too oily.

5. After having gone through a stressful situation, you should wash your hair – especially after a nasty quarrel, as hair is able to store a great deal of negative energy. If you wash your hair, you can get rid of these negative forces.

6. Full moon and sunset are not good times to cut hair. Cutting your hair at another times makes it more beautiful and it will grow faster after cutting.