The Sea Angel That Moves In the Water Like a Butterfly

One of the most colorful sea creatures, it is also called whale meal or naked sea butterfly. This is the clione limanica, or sea angel.


These tiny creatures barely reach 5 cm as adults. Their bodies look like elongated cones or they are round and bag-like, and their heads are well-defined.


This species lives mostly in the Arctic, and it is the favorite food of the Greenland whale. That’s why fishermen call it whale meal.



Their movement is very well developed, that’s why they are called sea butterflies. They can move their flippers up and down with playful ease, and this wing-like motion makes it possible for them to move forward, up or down while their bodies stay upright or obliquely. If something hits the little animal during motion, it closes its flippers and falls to the bottom of the sea.

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