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The mother giraffe performs a miracle under the eyes of some lucky spectators

Visitors to the Memphis zoo in the USA had an experience that not many people will have the opportunity to ever encounter. The birth of a new born is a miracle, and the emotion of this moment is priceless. It is known that giraffes stand up while giving birth – this is what happened when one of the female giraffes living at the zoo gave birth to an adorable baby.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

All present were surprised by the calm and tranquility of the giraffe at a time when the discomfort and pain are as real as can be.

The height from which the baby drops is considerable given the size of the mother, but, as nature arranges everything perfectly, the little doesn’t get hurt – on the contrary, he tries to rise shortly after his arrival on the world.

The mother giraffe licks her baby to remove fragments of placenta and the baby can move freely. The first attempt fails, but eventually the baby can get up and toddle along, with small but firm steps, supported by his mother.

While watching the video, you may note how the mother gently pushes the baby forward and supports him, so he can take the first steps in his life. The moment is an absolutely beautiful miracle of nature!