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The most popular coffee specialties in the world

Every country has its own coffee specialty as well as its special way of preparing it, and many of us simply can’t live without this flavorful beverage waking us up every morning. Now we invite you to watch this short movie and take a virtual trip around the world to discover how the most popular coffee types are made in various countries.

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Every geographical area has developed its own tradition in the way they prepare and drink coffee. The specific aroma of the coffee comes from the way the coffee beans are roasted, but it also depends on the skills of the person who brews and flavors the coffee. From Europe to Asia, from Africa to the Americas, people drink this sense-enhancing beverage in many interesting ways.

1. MAZAGRAN – Portugal
Squeeze out the juice of a lemon and add a cup of lemon juice to cold coffee. Sweeten it to taste and serve it on ice cubes, with a straw.

2. EISKAFFEE – Germany
Scoop two cups of vanilla ice cream into a glass, and then pour cold coffee over the ice cream and top it with a cup of whipping cream. Garnish with grated chocolate and enjoy.

3. CA PHE SUA DA – Vietnam
In a coffee filter, combine a teaspoon of ground coffee and 2-3 teaspoons of condensed milk. Proceed brewing as usual and then pour the coffee into a glass filled with ice cubes. Add a straw.

4. CAFÉ AU LAIT – France
In a cup, mix one part hot coffee with one part frothed milk. Serve.

5. FRAPPÉ – Greece
Use a hand mixer to blend a teaspoon of instant coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a little water. Add ice cubes and cold water.

6. YUANYANG – Hong Kong
Put three teaspoons of condensed milk into a cup, and then add one part brewed coffee and one part black tea. Add some ice cubes and serve.

To prepare this specialty, you will need espresso coffee, to which you add milk and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top.

Break a raw egg and drop the yolk into a cup. Add two teaspoons of honey and mix well, gradually adding brewed coffee.

9. IRISH COFFEE – Ireland
Take a cup of coffee, add a teaspoon of brown sugar and stir until it melts. Pour in a unit of whiskey and garnish with a tablespoon of whipped cream.

Which one of these beverages sounds the best to you? Which country would you visit to taste their local coffee specialty?