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The most intelligent cube ever seen

It doesn’t make our brain work, but we still can look at it in awe. Here’s the new generation of the Rubik-cube, the super able Cubli robot.


It measures only 15x15x15 centimeters, but it looks very futuristic. Designed by engineers of The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, the Cubli stands, rotates, jumps, balances, walks, and it adapts very well to changes in the environment.

The experts of the Swiss institute have been developing the Cubli since 2011. First they prepared the key to the secret of the cube, a wheel with three propeller-like pads. By increasing or decreasing the speed of the pads, as well as by stopping them, the Cubli is able to stand up, balance or walk.

The proper functioning of the wheel and thus the functioning of the cube is aided by inertia torques, as well as a few electro motors, processors and sensors. Due to the harmonized work of these tools, the Cubli becomes an intelligent device.

In 2012, in order to perfect the ability to balance, the cube was manufactured in 3D. In 2013 the calibration of the sensors and the finalization of the system took place. In the video published a few weeks ago, we can watch the process of the Cubli’s development; as of today, it seems that the robot reached its final form.

Despite the fact that the otherwise astonishing Cubli doesn’t have much entertainment value, the video has been viewed for over 3 million times so far.