The Most Expensive Video Clips ever

Nowadays it doesn’t surprise us if we see video clips that cost several million dollars. Let’s take a look at four incredibly expensive video clips from the past!

1. Michael Jackson feat. Janet Jackson – Scream

This video clip is one of the most expensive similar productions of all times. The 1995 futuristic black and white clip is filmed on a spaceship, and it cost 7 million dollars.

2. Madonna – Die another day

It’s not surprising that among the video clips with the most expensive budget we can find a 2002 Madonna clip as well. It cost 6 million dollars, and it was featured in the James Bond movie with the same title.

3. Guns N’ Roses – Estranged

The famous rock band issued the video clip entitled ‘Estranged in 1993. With a length of nearly 10 minutes, this clip cost over 4 million dollars.

4. Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z – Heartbreaker

After all these amounts, Mariah Carey’s hit song from 1999 seems extremely cheap. A mere two and half thousand dollars were needed to produce it.

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