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The more I’ve never seen so much excitement translated into a dance

Music and dancing blend in perfect harmony to convey priceless emotions and feelings. The sensitivity of this artistic moment shown in the video touches us deeply and, just by watching these wonderful dancers, we realize that a disability does not prevent anyone to express themselves artistically at the highest level.


Meet Alex and Jacqueline Glijn, a couple of Dutch dancers a little unusual in the sense that Jacqueline is immobilized in a wheelchair. However, this doesn’t prevent her to be graceful and move with an astonishing lightness. Alex leads her to the dance ring and they both move as if floating at the melody “Horch Caliptus Hai” sung by Israeli singer Ishtar Alabin. Sublime!

The pivots and outlets of the two dancers are remarkable and framed by a very special choreography. The harmony of the two dancers’ movements and the glow in their eyes give the moment an exceptional emotional charge. In their representation one sees their passion for dance and the fact that any restriction, even if it seems insurmountable, can be overcome when one decides to do this.

The show was held at Issoudun, France, and this exceptional artistic moment was appreciated and applauded by those present, who have seen in the evolution of the two dancers an endless emotion.