The miracle drink: a kind of juice used in Chinese medicine you should drink every day

This beverage is called the Miracle Juice due to its extraordinary health benefits. In China, it is named after Chinese therapist who recommended it to a cancer patient, and in only 3 months of consuming it, the patient was cured. This drink has remained in tradition, but it is no longer known what the type of cancer was that it cured.

The fact is that this drink contains almost all vitamins that our body needs, as well as most of the antioxidants found in nature. Besides, it contains nutrients that help maintaining youth, and it is a great organic tonic.

The extraordinary benefits of the Miracle Drink

  • It prevents the appearance of cancer cells;
  • it helps smoothing out wrinkles;
  • it intensely nourishes the skin, making it younger and brighter;
  • it prevents skin diseases;
  • it protects eye health;
  • it combats constipation;
  • it relieves hemorrhoids;
  • it reduces the frequency of headaches;
  • it detoxifies the liver and colon;
  • it improves digestion;
  • it increases immunity;
  • it increases the body’s energy level;
  • it helps in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, due to its high content of antioxidants.

The ingredients of the Miracle Drink

The ingredients of this drink are common fruits and vegetables. What makes this drink special is that these four foods fit together perfectly, and interact in a way that the result is a medicinal drink.

The ingredients of the Miracle Drink

  • 1 raw beetroot;
  • 1 raw carrot;
  • 1 fresh apple;
  • ½ lemon or lime

Peel the beets, and wash the carrot, the apple and the lemon. Extract the juice of the beet, the apple and the carrot, squeeze in the half lemon and drink the juice fresh.

Because the juice is slightly acidic, it is not recommended for breakfast. This juice can however replace the first or second meal of the day. It is recommended daily or in 3 month long cures.

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