The lassi

This excellent drink can be flavored in a thousand ways, and it probably originates from India. The base for the lassi is ½ l of yogurt and 300 ml cold water.

One way to flavor lassi is by adding 5 tablespoons of honey, and a pinch of cinnamon, cocoa or mint. Blend the drink with a mixer and serve it chilled. Use specialty honeys to obtain unique flavors.

Lassi is an excellent refreshing drink, easy and fast to make, and much healthier than ice creams or sorbets.

In India, the genuine ingredient for lassi is the milk of the zebu, which is much more flavorful than cow’s milk, as it doesn’t have a “cow smell”, and its consistence is much more similar to mother’s milk than that of cow’s milk.

Besides the sweet version, salty and spicy lassi is widely known as well. Only imagination is the limit as to what spices to use. Lactose decomposes during the fermentation process, so lactose intolerant persons can consume lassi as well. Store bought fruit yogurts don’t even come close to this delicious drink.

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