The jury of “The Voice” left open mouthed when realizing the singer is a nun

Italy is in the middle of “The Voice” auditions; during the second week, a nun met with an undivided success.


Who said that nuns only care about serious things? Ever since the “Sister Act”, we know that there exist some very cool nuns as well, and the 24 year old Cristina Scuccia sister from Milano, currently trying out her luck in the competition, is a great example.

When she starts interpreting Alicia Key’s song “No One”, she manages to take the audience off their feet within the very first seconds. The members of the jury don’t wait for long either to hit the acceptance buttons and the expression on their faces is priceless as they turn around and catch the sight of the performer. Raffaella Carra, one of the jury members, is left with her mouth open. Let’s take a look!

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